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From 1979 to 2013 British couturier Lindka Cierach designed exquisite, intricate and elegant couture for British, European and Middle-Eastern Royal Families, celebrities and those who appreciate timeless, handcrafted designs.


Lindka's personal approach to each client’s unique requirements was an essential aspect of the design process. Relying on her intuition and using her tools of choice: colour, cut and ultimately comfort, Lindka created timeless wearable art, bespoke for each individual client.


Her unique, and colourful designs have been inspired and deeply influenced by her love of nature originating from her roots in the vibrant African landscapes where she grew up.

Each garment that Lindka designed and created originated from love and connection with her clients and her craft. Her goal was to help each client fulfil their dreams through designs that would make the wearer feel radiant and empowered. 

If a woman is comfortable in what she’s wearing, if the colour and creative cuts play with the eye to enhance and flatter the silhouette, it changes her energy. It allows her to love herself and feel powerful in her experience. I design to empower women, to feel their most radiant, inside and out.

Lindka Cierach was referred to by Sarah Duchess of York as a genius after the creation of her historic and iconic wedding dress in 1986 (
Now Lindka is sewing up the seams on her illustrious 40 year career by releasing her Lifetime Collection for purchase. This Couture Event to own one of these one-of-a-kind pieces of fashion history is coinciding with the sale of the historic and centrally located Studio which saw the creation of timeless artistry in design for nearly 30 years.


In this next phase, Lindka is sharing her vision and creative energy to help bring about peace and healing via mentoring, art, sound and other energy work.  

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